Hot Beeswax!


Encaustic paintings – or wax paintings – are paintings created by using heated beeswax to which color pigments are added.  Once heated, the wax is put onto a surface.  In this case mdf – medium density fiberboard was used which looks and feels very similar to wood.

The edges of the board were taped up to allow build up on the sides. The tools used to create the art can vary from metal tools to brushes depending on the desired look.

To create these pieces, there was no particular thought process.  Simply working with the wax and seeing what felt like the next step was how these came to life.  Focusing on the colors and working coloristically is what makes these pieces of art, pop. Carving into the wax allows different layers to show through and helps to give the art dimension.




What do you think? Have you done encaustic paintings before?

Below are a few links to our Society6 page where prints of our Encaustic paintings can be found.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wax #6 Art Print

Buy this print

Wax #12 Art Print

Buy this print

Wax #5 Art Print


Buy this print





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